Life of Christ

08-09-15      Pastor Adam Thompson                      This Kind Requires Fasting

03-29-15      Pastor Adam Thompson                      They Watched Him There

09-07-14      Pastor Adam Thompson                      Men Ought Always to Pray and Not to Faint

08-17-14      Pastor Adam Thompson                     To Whom Much is Forgiven

08-17-14      Pastor Adam Thompson                     They Labored for a Penny

03-02-14       Pastor Adam Thompson                    Forgive - It's Just Pennies

06-30-13       Pastor Adam Thompson                    Two Men, Two Different Destinies

04-21-13       Pastor Adam Thompson                    Are You a Professor or a Possessor?

01-20-13       Pastor Adam Thompson                    Increase our Faith

06-10-12       Pastor Adam Thompson                    The Loving Kindness of God our Saviour

06-10-12       Pastor Adam Thompson                    A Marvelous God





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