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Be a disciple.

You can learn the Bible and be a follower of Christ! The biblical term would be disciple, a follower of Jesus. Today, God has afforded us ample opportunties like never before in the history of the world. Now, through the local church, through internet, online media, books, the written Word of God, preaching, teaching and classes, every person, young and veteran, has a chance to become a productive, fruitful Christian. We hope this webpage will be a resource in your walk of faith. Will you take the challenge to grow in your spiritual walk with the Lord? It can start today.

Are there discipleship classes that I can attend?

Yes! We offer casual, low-key classes every week for English and Spanish speaking people. In addition, we have staff and volunteer disciplers ready to help you with one-on-one learning throughout the week. Whether meeting at a local coffee shop, in the comfort of your home or at our church, our desire is for all people to systematically and progressively disover the truths in God's Word. 


What should I expect?

Each get-together and class is designed to be a warm, low-stress and open for 'Q&A' time. Of course, food is always involved in all great learning experiences of life and we do our best to have snacks and refreshments (and sometimes, full-blown meals!) at each class.


Other questions?
There are so many exciting things in store for every believer when it comes to maturing and growing your faith. This page has stepping stones to help get you started but there may be other topics not mentioned or not covered. However, we would love the chance to answer any questions? Please e-mail us with your questions or comments. 

How Can I Get to Heaven?

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Can I Lose My Salvation?

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When Should I Get Baptized?

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What does Stewardship involve?

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Does Prayer Still Work?

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Should I Share My Faith with Others?

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What is the Big Deal about the Bible?

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