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"Developing Christian Servants"

Capitol City Baptist College is a four-year college dedicated to developing Christian servants. Students are offered classes to provide them with a thorough understanding of the Bible, and we place a special emphasis on equipping students with a practical knowledge to serve the Lord. We want to produce a generation of passionate Christians who are balanced, well-trained, and fully committed. It is our clear intention, prayer and goal that each student further develops a fervent desire to love God and to love reaching the lost with the Gospel.

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Some classes offered:


  • Acts of the Apostles 

  • Baptist Distinctives

  • Baptist History

  • Bible Doctrines 1&2

  • Bible Panorama 

  • Biblical Counseling

  • Cults and Heresies 

  • Daniel 

  • Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther

  • Marriage and the Home

  • New Testament Survey

  • Old Testament Survey

  • Prayer

  • Revelation

  • Romans 

  • Tabernacle and Feasts

  • The Life of Christ

  • Women of the Bible


  • Administrative Assistant

  • Christian Character 1&2

  • Ethics and Etiquette

  • Grammar and Composition

  • Music Theory and Song Leading

  • Pastoral Assistant

  • Speech and Communication


  • Christian Education 

  • Church Education 

  • Church Planting 

  • Homiletics 

  • Leadership Development

  • Missions: Practices and Methods

  • Personal Evangelism 

  • Youth Work

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