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Bike Rally and Walk-a-Thon Sponsorship!

Each year the young people of our church are given an opportunity to raise funds for their Club Programs through our annual Bike Rally Sponsorship. Donations go toward their Master's Club Program, King's Kids Program, and Teen Program covering books, supplies, uniforms, badges, trophies, meals, outings and more. The Bike Rally ride is made possible through the generosity of givers willing to sponsor a child a dollar amount for each mile that the child rides or walks. Flat sum donations are also welcome instead of sponsoring per mile. If you are a sponsor or considering, we greatly appreciate your sacrifice of love for our future generations!

The young people with their parents ride the Veloway on June 7, 2019.  

4900 La Crosse Avenue

Austin, TX 78739

For more information, please call our church office at (512) 447-9454. 


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